Ceremony by Silko

Please have read or have the book Ceremony. Complete requirements below.
According to Gerald Vizenor in Aesthetics of Survivance: Literary Theory and Practice survivance brings into sharp relief an active resistance and repudiation of dominance, obtrusive themes of tragedy, nihilism, and victimry.
In a post of approximately 250 words, consider the following questions:
Based on your reading of pages 1-92 in Ceremony, does Silkos novel emphasize dominance? victimry? tragedy? nihilism? [Define nihilism in your response.]Or does she emphasize an active resistance and repudiation of these themes?Does she seem to validate enduring Native American cultural beliefs and practices?Does she do a combination of all of the above?In your response use concrete examples and some brief direct quotations from the novel (please include page #s in parenthesis).
At the end of your response include a list of 8-10 keywords from your analysis of the novelwords that signal key issues and / or themes.