Chest X-Ray Reporting – A reflective essay/AN

Hi! This is a reflective essay for Radiographers (UK) or (radiology techs in US) who are learning how to report chest x-rays. This is a program that lasts a year and we do most of the reporting at our perspective hospitals where we work. We are currently 6 months in. The program is based in the UK so preferably please use UK sources where possible. So far, I have practice reported 650+ x-rays. The data is as follows: Emergency room – 72% ICU – 12% Clinics and other – 16% The reports are analyzed and compared to the official report and divided into :- True Positive (TP) True Negative (TN) False Positive (FP) False Negative (FN) From this the sensitivity of my reporting can be worked out and put into %s. (please see attached table). please ignore the bottom line as it has added up all values and is inaccurate. The totals are at the top, not the bottom. I have found that I have made less errors in my reporting across the board as time went on, however, my main challenge and where I make the most FPs and FNs reports is from the ICU. I believe this is because there`s simply too much pathology in some of the films for me to see it all. They also contain so many outside factors such as artifacts, lines and devices that I struggle to see them all. The tutor has given us a couple of example articles like the ones we need to source. I have also included an example essay but it is for from someone who reports the whole skeleton rather than just the chest. Thanks a million.