(Chinese economy): How to achieve common prosperity under socialism with Chinese characteristics?

• Clarity in writing and sticking to the point• Details and analyses that you provide in the paper• Clear structure (use suitable subheadings to demarcate sections within the essay if necessary)• Use of appropriate evidence, including citation to scholarly works. If you choose to present data in the form of tables, figures, graphs, etc., they must be properly labelledand sourced.Other Important Instructions:• Your paper must not exceed 3,500 words (excluding tables/figures/graphs, citations,and bibliography), plus or minus 10%.• You must cite the 5 readings (attached)• You must credit the works of others by using proper academic referencing (at least 8)• You may use any of the standard citation formats – APA7• Using single-spacing, 12-point font, as a Word orsimilar word processing document.