Choice Theory – Annotated Bib

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to add to your references for your final paper so that you already have resources by the time you write the final paper.
Parameters: You must follow current APA guidelines for creating an Annotated Bibliography. This should be formally written, no first person, and no direct quotations. You must included at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly resources. No Websites. Your resources must be scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. Psychology Today and Wikipedia are NOT scholarly resources. 
Prompt: Find 3 peer reviewed scholarly journal articles that speak to the theory you are choosing for your final theory paper. You might consider finding research that says your particular theory choice is effective. You might find articles that speak to skills and techniques. You might want to look ahead at Module/Week 7 and consider the sections that you will need to write about and look for resources for the different sections.