Classification/Division Essay Instructions and Prompt Overview A classification/

Classification/Division Essay Instructions and Prompt
A classification/division essay is written by organizing or dividing material into specific categories.
What is something you consider yourself an expert on?
For your classification/division essay, choose a topic you know a lot about and teach me about it by breaking the topic down into subdivisions or categories, to make it more accessible.
By dissecting that topic into smaller or more defined groups or categories, you make that topic more easily accessible to a reader who, unlike you, may not know a lot about it.
What is a topic you consider yourself an expert on?
Break down that topic into 3-5 subtopics.
Your essay should classify/divide but also make a point.
Continue reading through the Unit’s contents for more details, including sample essays.
Possible Prompts
Tthe most important thing is that you pick a topic about which you consider yourself an expert, that you yourself know a lot about, have something to say about, leads to sharing a point you want to make, and can incorporate examples to support without using any source material, as no research should be used for this essay.
Do you maybe know a lot about cooking?
Have you been playing soccer your whole life?
Are you obsessed with a particular video game?
Teach me about it (whatever your IT is) through classification/division.
For example, you might divide cooking into three types of cuisines.
You might divide soccer into the separate positions that can be played.
You might categorize player class types in World of Warcraft.
The essay must also go beyond sharing factual information: it must also evaluate those facts and share an opinion, make a point. Keep that in mind when selecting a topic, so that you choose one that will sufficiently allow you to develop a 3-page essay and let you say something original.
Did you choose a topic you know a lot about? If not, reconsider.
Style and Length
Your paper should adhere to MLA document formatting
Minimum word count: 750