Clinical Decision-Making Exercise

Complete anyone (1) of the two (2) clinical decision-making exercises below. Your response should be between two (2) and three (3) paragraphs. Each paragraph should have no less than seven (7) complete sentences. Please note that quotes will not be accepted with this assignment. You must paraphrase and/or summarize your response. Please ensure to cite and reference your source (s). Please have at least one (1) citation/reference in your paper. Please remember to provide a citation for each paragraph to cover your work (even is the citation is the same for all paragraphs). Please ensure that you have a title page and a reference page for this assignment. Please upload your response to the assigned dropbox on Canvas by Sunday at 11:59pm. Note: You are strongly encouraged to use your course textbook to complete this clinical decision making (CDM) assignment. Your answers must be cited and referenced. Please see the CDM rubric at toward the end of the syllabus:

CDM 1 – You are asked to speak to a fifth grade health class about health and cigarette smoking. What information would you consider essential to tell this grade level students? (Please only include the information that you would give to students in this class).
CDM 2 – A male patient has polyuria with a urine volume of 8 L/day. His urine specific gravity is 1.02. His serum sodium (Na+) is 150 mEq/L, and his plasma osmolality is 300 mOsm/kg. He is always asking for more cold liquids to drink. What type of hormonal alteration is he exhibiting? What are some possible causes of this alteration?