cognitive behavioral therapy (military ptsd or depression)

Presentation and Demonstration of Practice Theory: This should be an extension of the theory you discussed during your PPTA paper. Students will apply the specific theory to a unique client population or presenting issue (e.g., narrative theory and hospice). Presentation is due by assigned date noted in syllabus. Peer-reviewed journal articles (5 articles minimum) that focus on practice effectiveness using this theory should be integrated into the presentation. Late presentations will not be accepted. Each presentation is to include:
⎯ Overview of the client population or clinical issue/problem (e.g. incidence/prevalence of the problem/clinical concerns).
⎯ Brief overview of assigned theoretical approach and how it is conceptually relevant to the clinical concern or client population. 
⎯ Elaboration on how the theoretical approach has been shown to be effective with this population/issue. 
⎯ Identification of the role of supervision and consultation in applying this theory. Possible areas of ethical concerns or limitations. Discuss application of use in a rural area.
⎯ A role play (3-5 minutes) should be included in the presentation to demonstrate relational skills using the selectedtheory. The student can be in the role play or have actors with scripted roles.