Hello, Please develop an essay into about 1200 words of double-spaced paper. Please make sure that you include a discussion of *Martha May’s book chapters (1,2,5&6) in the essay mainly. Then, please analyze and synthesize the provided readings. Some of the topics raised in previous weeks in my class brought up questions of religion and ethnicity and its relevance to questions of work, patriarchy, and the balance of work and family issues. Please provide your own insight for the below questions ***(PLEASE COMBINE AND WRITE AN ESSAY WITH TWO OR THREE OF BELOW QUESTIONS THAT YOU THINK IT RELATED) 1) May concludes that by the end of the twentieth century the decline of marriage itself is one of the most dramatic dramatic demographic trends. Do you agree with this? Why do you think that it happened and do you see the trend continuing? 2) Did the 1950s with its idealization of the “stay-at-home mom” represent a twentieth-century anomaly? Did the decade represent an exception to general trends in women’s entering the workforce? 3) The theme of changing ideas about female domesticity, childcare, paid work, civil rights weave throughout May’s account of women in twentieth-century America. She discusses women as reformers, suffragettes, early “feminists,” and political activists who lay the groundwork for women’s freedom and right to pursue more varied lives and possibilities at home and in the workforce. Choose a theme that interests you and discuss it. 4) After reading Martha May, what strikes you as the political or legal effort on behalf of women that has had the greatest impact on improving their status in society? 5) How and why might it be useful for us in trying to understand women’s work and family roles to define feminism as those throughout history who advocated on behalf of women’s issues and rights and identified injustice to females in the social status quo? If it is not useful, discuss why. (Would you please write essay topics questions you chose at the top of your essay) Assigned Readings Martha May Chapter 1: “Women and Work” Chapter 2: “Women and Family” ( both chapters 1&2) Chapter 5: “Women and Government” Chapter 6: “Women and Law” “The Impact of Hierarchical Structures on the Work Behavior of Women and Men,” Rosabeth Moss Kanter Please email me if you have any questions. Thank you.