Communication Plan – New Technology

Making a change can be great, but how we communicate this plan can influence how it will be received. The success of introducing technology into any system, especially a school system, is dependent largely on how the plan is communicated. Who do you talk to first? Where do you start getting buy in? In this module, we focused on communication and public relations. Create a communication plan to announce the adoption of podcast into your local public school or your place of employment. Identify and expand on the best practices in podcast from the last module and make all the necessary decisions. Who will make them, what are the best practices they will utilize, where will they be in the curriculum, etc.? Anticipate the questions you will have from your teachers, students, administrators, and parents. Then, take a look at the steps from WikiHow and develop your own communication plan. Be sure to include a timeline!Please use current APA format in citations. There is no minimum page count for this assignment, but it should have enough to fully complete each step from WikiHow. 

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