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WRITING ASSIGNMENT 5 Please review the “Freedom of Information Act” portion of the Your Right to Federal Records document located here and then follow the instructions below that correspond to the course in which you are enrolled. MANG6123 Provide a 2-3 page written response to each of the five questions below. You may use the questions themselves as section headings in your written response. List the nine exemptions that protect records from FOIA disclosure. Also list the three exclusions. Does the FOIA apply to Congress or to the White House? Describe how to request records under the FOIA. How long does it usually take to answer a FOIA request? If the request is denied, is there a right of appeal? If the appeal is denied, is there anything further that can be done? How will having studied the FOIA be beneficial in your profession? Your written response should be formatted according to current APA style guidelines, including a properly-formatted title page and list of references (does not count toward the minimum requirement for length).