Company Selection & Profile

Your Research Paper, which is 27% of your total grade, will focus on a comprehensive strategic analysis of a specific company of       your choice.  Your task for this week is to identify a company for your research.  This company can be a an organization that you admire, a fan of their products, or you would like to explore. 
You will need to submit your choice on Company Selection assignment for my approval.  You will see an Approved Company forum on the Discussion Board, with the names of your classmates and their approved company.  Here are the guidelines:

The company must be publicly-traded on a US stock exchange.
Not part of a conglomerate.
Not an insurance company.
Not Starbucks, Apple, or any company with a substantial strategic analysis in the e-text.
Not Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Inc., which is the model Research Project for this course.
One company per student; first come basis.

HINT: Check MSN Money or Yahoo Finance to make sure your candidate company is publicly traded (has a ticker symbol).