Compare (what was similar) and contrast (what was different) one specific aspect of Jamestown and Plymouth.

Assignment: Compare (what was similar) and contrast (what was different) one specific aspect of Jamestown and
Plymouth. Your topic could include several of the various factors that affected each colony, including:
founding motive (why each colony was started)
economy (how each colony survived economically and/or made money, both in theory and in practice)
food situation (or lack thereof, relating to health and sickness)
labor force (company employees vs. indentured servants and landowners)
diplomacy with Native Americans (John Smith & Pocahontas vs. Stephen Hopkins & Squanto)
government (Jamestowns General Assembly vs. Plymouths Mayflower Compact)
religious organization (Anglicanism in Jamestown, Separatism in Plymouth)
Terms: during the course of your essay, describe in detail 2 terms from each set below (i.e., 2 from Set #1 and another 2 from
Set #2), focusing on the context (background), definition, and significance (or after-effect) of each of your 2 terms. (NOTE:
this will be the same description format you’ll use for terms on the midterm and final exam, so this is practice for the future!)
Set #1 = Jamestown Colony (Virginia)
the Virginia Company of London, 1606-1624
the “starving time”, 1609-1610
Bermuda, 1609+
headrights vs. indentured servitude, 1618-1690s
food crops vs. cash crops
the Virginia Massacre, 1622
Set #2 = Plymouth Colony (Cape Cod, New England)
the Established Church of England (Anglican Church), 1530+
Separatist Brethren (“Pilgrims” in Plymouth Colony, 1620+)
“religious freedom”
the “Mayflower Compact”, Nov. 1620
Squanto, d. 1622
Thanksgiving (1619+ in Jamestown, 1621+ in Plymouth)
* a cover/title page (near the top: assignment title, your name, date; near the bottom: course, instructor’s name, school)
* 3-4 pages (typed, double-spaced, 12-pt. font text) that includes:
an introductory paragraph that introduces the reader to the topics youll be discussing and ends with a clear statement of your
thesis (an arguable point, not a general description)
body/main part of essay = several paragraphs (clearly divided by subject, each with a clear introductory sentence) with
evidence/details supporting your thesis
a concluding paragraph = summarizing the main points you raised and reiterates (repeats in shorter form) your thesis
* while you’re welcome to make use of class outlines, compose your essay in your words but IF you use others works, you must cite
them (peer-screened websites, books, journals, etc. i.e., reputable sources, not BillyBobsBlog!). Most if not all of the material for
this essay will be from secondary sources (that repeat well-known information), which you dont need to cite if youre not copying
directly; paraphrasing is valid for this assignment, though you should still cite a source if you get lots of information from it.
* use past tense throughout (i.e., not the literary present tense), since this is an historical essay