comparing and contrasting Sacajawea and jane adams

1. Two Women in US History: Compare and contrast two women from American history, one from pre-1900 the other from post-1900. Examine in which ways their lives were similar and different, explore the differences of circumstances that affected their lives, and how they impacted their present and future.

2. A woman and a movement: Select a woman from US History and a movement from US History and examine ways in which they influenced each other, how they were impacted by the rules of their time, and how they changed their present and future.

Center your title in quotations (i.e. A Woman and a Movement Anne Hutchinson and Witchcraft)

Must use AT LEAST two primary sources AND two secondary sources

I. THE INTRODUCTION: The introduction for this paper should be one short paragraph (3-5 sentences). Its purpose is to: (1) set out the problem to be discussed; (2) define the sources you will use to explore the problem (4) state your thesis (what you want to learn from these sources).
II. THE BODY: This constitutes the bulk of your paper. Here is where you provide a history of the women and their time period, contextualize them within the time frame, and then analyze them (in conjunction with each other or with the movement). Be sure to analyze the sources, and see how they substantiate (or fail to substantiate) your thesis.
III. CONCLUSION: This is usually one paragraph long, and briefly recapitulates your thesis, with a summary of your findings. The first sentence of the concluding paragraph is a clear, specific re-statement of thesis. The conclusion should do more than simply re-state the argument. It also suggests why the argument is important in the bigger scheme of things, or suggests avenues for further research, or raises a bigger question.
On a separate page at the end, include the bibliography in MLA Format:

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