comprehensive program to address the social problems that exist in Mid City, USA

Written paper

Apa format


10 pages (not including the coverpage, abstract or reference

3 scholarly sources


The project will involve a written assignment and power
point presentation associated with Mid City, USA.

Mid City, USA Demographic from the most recent

Population – 1.2 million city limits with an
additional 800,000 residents in surrounding metro areas.

Racial composition – 64% white, 12% African
American, 14% Hispanic, 1% Other

Primary Industry – 63% manufacturing, 12% work
for one company, Acme Rubber. (Acme is the worlds largest manufacturer and
supplier of rubber  machinery parts)

Housing – 51% house ownership, 49% rental
properties. The median value of owner-occupied houses is $58,200.

Income- Median household income is $28,654.

Education – 84% attend public highschools, 12.2%
have college degrees.

Crime – Crime index 736.6 (US Average = 282.1),
56 murders, 104 rapes, 484 robberies, 946 felony assaults. High incidence of
gang activity and drug trafficking.

Law Enforcement – 840 sworn Mid City police
officers, 210 sworn officer from surrounding communities.


Written assignment

You have been hired as a consultant to develop a
comprehensive program to address the social problems that exist in Mid City,
USA. Utilize information from each of the primary social issues. You are to
assume that Mid City falls in the upper end of the problem spectrum for each
social issue, and the city is experiencing an increase in crime. Particularly
violent and drug crimes. The City Council initially mandated a 12% cut in overall
city budget, but as a result of increasing problems and public pressure. They reinstated
all funds so next years budget remains the same as the previous year.
Your program should be presented in a
comprehensive format to include “big picture” recommendations and solutions,
not fragmented approach to each individual issue.
The social issues presented in this course are
to be used as a guide in developing a program. You will obviously include information
from each of the issues, but you must tie all of them together to develop
Be creative but rational in your approach.

Support your thoughts with logic and academic