concert mozart symphonies 40 or 41

Include a description of the ensemble and the style and time periods of the music you heard.  Who was the composer?  What was the purpose of the music?  Was it sacred, programmatic, or absolute music?  What musical elements unify the piece and what musical elements create variety?  Was there a soloist?  What instruments were featured?  What textures were used:  monophonic, homophonic, or polyphonic?  Were the pieces in major, minor, or some other mode?  Describe the melody, harmony, tempo, volume, and rhythm.  Was the piece in duple, triple, quadruple, or compound meter?  Use terms and musical ideas that you learned from class and the readings.
What kind of listener are you?  Referential, perceptive, or critical.  Did you like the performance?  Was the performance unusual for any reason?  Become a perceptive listener, observer, analyzer, and reporter of the art music scene.