Conference Paper and Conference Paper Proposal

Conference Paper and Conference Presentation Assignments

The Conference Theme is Culture for the Ages and you can choose any topic that you like that you can fit into that theme (Hint: any topic that you choose can fit into that theme).  Have fun and be curious!
     Conference Paper Proposal:  This is a short (3/4th page to 1 page) essay telling me what the topic of your Conference Paper is going to be.  There is no grade for doing this but if you do not hand it in on time, there will be a 2 point penalty (20%) on your Conference Paper.  This is due as part of your Journal Assignment 
Conference Paper:  This is a short paper (3 to 4 pages) that will serve as the basis of your Conference Presentation.  It is a short research paper.  This paper is to be double-spaced, in 12 point font, and is to follow all MLA rules.  I expect to see outside sources used to support your position and I also expect to see those sources properly cited.  There should be a Works Cited page at the end as well.