Constitutional Law

Question :Was the New Deal constitutional?From the late 19th century through 1937, the Supreme Court regularly limited the scope and reachof federal government power to regulate the economy. Use opinions from at least THREE cases (atleast one before AND one after 1937!) to present a persuasive argument about whether thefederal government may legitimately claim a Constitutional basis to regulate even matters of localcommerce. 

Instructions:  – Dont wastetime and space on detailed recitations of the case facts; instead, use the relevant facts, opinions, andoutcomes specifically and thoughtfully to support your overall argument. 
– Answer in 5-6 paragraphs (You do not have to do intext citations).

Only use the cases mentioned in the syllabus from October 25th to November 8th. I will also upload the textbooks used in classes along the syllabus so that you know which page and case to turn to.