Controversal Paper….You can pic the topic (exclusion list of topics below per instructor) of controversy, but I need to know the topic ASAP (preferably by 11/03/2021 night)

 PYoucan pic the topic (exclusion list of topics below per instructor) ofcontroversy, but I need to know the topic ASAP (preferably by 11/03/2021 night)
Topicmust be an issue of controversy about which you can argue a position. You areopen to pick any issue that interests you as long as it is controversial and aslong as it is NOT one of thefollowing:
Gun Control
The DeathPenalty
Drinking Age
Animal Testing
Social Media
Video Games andViolence
Children andObesity
Controversial Issue
EssayRequirements: 5-6 pages not including citations.  For this assignment, you have an opportunity to analyze acontroversial issue for which there is a range of opinion. Taking on such aresearch and writing project will give you the opportunity to think about anissue that interests you, to take a position (after thoughtful deliberation) onthat issue, and to defend your position by constructing a well-reasonedargument. By arguing for your views and defending your position againstobjections, you will apply what you have learned about appealing to audiencesboth logically and emotionally. When distinguishing between fact and opinion,drawing conclusions, and evaluating evidence, you will be exercising yourskills in critical thinking. By engaging in reasoned, well-evidenced argument,you will discover your own basic values
-Theaudience for yourargument is scholars, educated professionals, and concerned citizens who areboth interested in the issue and have basic knowledge of it.
-The purposeof your argument is to persuade your audience to accept, or at least seriouslyconsider, your position on the issue.
-OtherRequirements: You will demonstrate the expectations of academic writing.
o The totalresearch requirement for this essay is a minimum of four credible, scholarlysources. These sources must all be integrated and cited both in-text andend-text.

o You willpresent in your argument not only your claims and evidence for support but alsocounter-arguments against opposition.
o Your essay willadhere to APA style and format. sources