Controversial Art

This assignment is one of my favorites because it allows students to explore art forms, all kinds of art forms from paintings, sculptures, photographs, books, movies, lyrics, and poetry, to name a few. Artistic expression is much more than the spoken word and for this assignment, you will explore the depths of artistic expression and the controversies – some still to this very day. Many of the images you will find may provoke you, make you uncomfortable, or upset you. That is what art does – it moves us and protected speech isn’t always comfortable, or pretty, or happy. 

1. Read the article below (Links to an external site.)

2. Find a piece of controversial art as described above and in the article. 

3. Write a brief essay on why you chose the piece of artistic expression, in what way(s) was the piece controversial, and how you feel about the piece in constitutional terms. So there are 3 items to present in your essay.