Cover Letter

Cover letter

I am Ariyo Shahin Jafari a Ph.d Student at at First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov)Moscow, Russia.
First one thanks a lot for spending your time and read my cover letter and resume. I would like to cooperate with your lab because:
As you see in my resume I am a very flexible person. Indeed I was graduated first the one in veterinary medicine and stared my researching with animal lab in medical universities and institutes and then I was drawn to other branches of medical researching in this way. Although I didnt work with animal Special software, I am fully acquainted with animal rights, and morality and ethics.
I served as a duty lieutenant during the army medical service, and I read medical books as well as I could, and I am well acquainted with the principles of human examination.
Later, I took an exam twice for medical public research in PhD level, finally I passed in both the written stage and the interview successfully   in the second exam.  It is only way for me to participate in medical researching.
I was also interested in teaching at the university and taught for a several years, but my whole goal was to get a position where I could do my research work. So at every opportunity I returned to my main background, which was the clinic.
One of the most fascinating parts of human clinical work is working with the nervous system. I am proud to have worked on MS patients for one year as a planner and project partner at Imam Khomeini Hospital in Tehran since 2006 to 2007.
I was well aware of the importance of MRI in the initial diagnosis of MS and I would really like to learn to work with this device as soon as possible, although my plan was for a specific type of HLA, EBV with M.S.
I taught in the nursing department of Takestan University for three years during my teaching years, additionally I was head of Department in sharing with my colleague for a short time so I gained good experiences from the hospital environment in this regard.
In addition to research articles, books are written, translated and edited in my records. So I know the value of collecting the correct information, classifying and summarizing them.
I wrote two review articles that will soon be submitted, while I am a PhD student in Clinical Immunology, Asthma and Allergy at Moscow First Medical University of Moscow (Sechenov).
I have shown adaptability, a sense of responsibility and an interest in learning in all these years  I am still ready to gain new experiences to serve humanity in the field of health and medicine.