COVID19 in America

Guidelines to Essay One:A-This is an expository essay: -Your role is to explain, for example, cause-effect or compare-and contrast or define, or classify. Your role is not to argue.B-We follow MLA:#We follow MLA both in terms of format and use of sources: Format: You use Times New Roman: font size 12; you double-space the essay all through; you indent your paragraphs with a tap; you write a catchy title that is centralized; essays also require a heading:Your Name: Profs nameCourse titleDate#As for use of sources, you have to give credit to any content you borrow or paraphrase. (more about this to come next week: basically we use authors last name and page number if available). For example, Many students resort to cheating because they do not see any value in what they are doing (Khalil 12). C-An essay usually has:-An introduction:(Hook, background and thesis). -Body paragraphs:-At least two-three or even more body paragraphs depending on your thesis statement.-They support the thesis: -they usually begin with a Topic Sentence and at least three different supporting details: (examples, facts, statistics, logic, studies..)-A conclusion: You can summarize the points if the essay is long; you can re-state the thesis statement.-You can make a prediction or make a recommendation. An essay is at least above 400  words.