Coyotes in the Adirondacks

Article should be focused on a species or group of species of animal that spends atleast half of its year living in the North Country, including St. Lawrence County and theAdirondack Park. Alternatively, if you choose to select a particular behavior (e.g.,migration), your article needs to use as examples species that live here in the NorthCountry. 
Article needs to focus on animal behavior

I pitch the topic of coyote animal behavior. They are increasing in numbers across New York state. I have found that they are even migrating to more populated areas in my state, Connecticut, which borders New York. 
I would be interested to see if there are denser populations of coyotes in Adirondacks or in the cities included in St. Lawrence County since some of the highest coyote population densities on record occur in suburban areas. I would primarily focus on the habituation of coyotes towards humans. It is interesting to me how fearful people are of prey animals such as coyotes. However, these animals are more tolerant of humans, and their habitats change as a result. Habituation is a state of unconsummated interest on the part of the animal expressing itself as tolerant of and even attracted to humans.
I intend to portray to my audience the facts of habituation, coyote behavior before and after habituation, and possible actions humans can do to make sure they are comfortable with coyote presence, but also how to prevent habituation from occurring (such as not feeding them)