Creating a chart for police department

 In this assignment you will make an organizational chart of a police department. It will show where all the officers are assigned and the different departments that are in a police department. This is important because some police departments need certain specialty areas (Vice, Gang task force, etc.) and others do not. Also, if you need to assign officers to other jobs you need to know where you can take them from. This assignment that, when added to the others in this course, will culminate with a written research project that is due in Unit 7 and a PowerPoint Presentation due in Unit 8.
• Read the project scenario.
• Based on the project scenario, create an organizational chart showing your organization’s hierarchy.
o Add in the clerical positions. These are not part of your sworn officers but
are part of the hierarchy.
• Submit a paper detailing the department’s organization including the
organizational chart:
o Explain the hierarchy of your police department.
o Discuss if there are any positions that you might be able to “pull” from to
cover other areas if needed.