Creative writing

This assignment asks you to transform, deconstruct or critique the message conveyed by one of the stories we have read so far by creating an artifact (a song, story, letter, titktok, parody, monologue, dialogue).   You may choose to create a counternarratives that challenges the white, patriarchal western master-narrative.  
1.     Choose one of the 5 stories we have read so far.   
2.     Identify one theme conveyed through the story.   
3.     Choose and change at least one element of fiction: character, setting, plot, point of view, symbolism. Or you can have one or more character intervene in the story and engage in dialogue that challenges the direction of the story. 
4.     Using a medium of your choice (video, sketch, play, tiktok, any genre of music, short story, diary entry, blog, Instagram story visual and comment), create an artifact that recreates any aspect of the story; if in doubt, recreate a short passage or recreate a character or interaction.   
5.     With your artifact, include an artists statement that explains what your artifact reveals about the western as a genre and about the specific western you chose.  In other words, explain what you tried to reveal via your recreation.