Critical Reading Response

Use the essay by Russell Baker, “Becoming a Writer,” as the basis for the first critical reading response. 

As you craft your responseand the responses to followconsider these elements:

Listening to the Text:
What is the main point?What is the author trying to say?What ideas stood out? Why?

Critiquing the Text:
Do you agree with the main ideas in the text?Did you find any errors in reasoning? Any gaps in the discussion?Did the organization make sense?Was evidence used correctly, without manipulation? Has the writer used appropriate sources for support?Are the texts tone and language text appropriate?Are all of the authors statements clear? Is anything confusing?

Making Connections:
How does this text reinforce existing ideas or assumptions?How does this text challenge existing ideas or assumptions?What did you learn from reading the text?What does the story say about life?

You may pick just one section of questions on which to concentrate or you can choose a combination of questions to explore. Whatever you choose, do not write a simple summary.