Critical Thinking: Informal Logic

Quiz #3:

Choose and solve one question from each one of: 
Problem Set 10 (Analyzing Prose Using the Predicables: pages 118-119, choose one), 
Problem Set 11 (Analyzing Prose Using the Causes: pages 133-136, choose one), and 
Problem Set 12 (Kinds of Definitions, pages 145-147: choose one but not #1, #4, #5, or #10). 

You will thus submit a total of three solved problems for Quiz #3. Note: questions you choose cannot already have their answers in the back of the book.

For one of the above Problem Sets you may substitute the activity below:
BA 2027: Give your own example to illustrate one of this weeks eight Bad Arguments: Argument from Fallacy, Availability Error, Base Rate, Burden of Proof, Countless Counterfeits, Diminished Responsibility, Essentializing, Galileo Gambit.