Crucial Accountability

Crucial Accountability
 Application #2: INDIVIDUAL REFLECTION PAPER (due by 11:55 pm on Nov 2, 2021-10% of total grade)
 Using the text, Crucial Accountability, you will be making some key discoveries about areas that you both succeed and struggle with in keeping yourself and others accountable.
 1. After reading the textbook, take the self-assessment test (Appendix A, pp. 247-251) and look at your results. The survey is divided in the seven chapters of the book that cover the crucial accountability skills (five questions each  ).
 2. Look at your results chapter by chapter (so you need to read each chapter!).
 3. Choose the two areas (of the seven areas) where you scored the most “yes” answers. Observe, analyze and reflect on those specific areas. Addressing the following questions:
 1) What are the two areas out of the seven where you had the most “Yes” answers?
 2) What does this score mean in terms of your willingness to hold yourself and others accountable? Explain.
 3) Do your scores accurately reflect some areas of weakness that you currently have when it comes to holding yourself or others accountable?
 4) Discuss and explain your answers.
 4. Evaluate: Based on what you have read, class lectures, class discussion and activities respond to the following question: Is Accountability an important leadership skill – accountability to self, others and the organization within which you are employed?
 5. Recommendations: For each of the two areas you wrote about, make 2 recommendations concerning how you can improve your accountability to yourself and others as you navigate your life and the GAPS between what others may expect from you and your performance.
 Be sure to structure your paper as follows: a title page (1 page), reference page (1 page) and 3 pages of analysis and reflection = 5 pg. paper.