Cultural Diversity

The purpose of the Cultural Interviews is for you (the student) to learn about a culture other than your own. When choosing a person to interview and selecting questions to ask the interviewee, keep in mind that you are trying to demonstrate you are learning something about this other culture that you do not know. Interview cannot be with a family member or someone from the same culture as you. To receive all the points for the interview the interview must include 4 sections and these sections are: 1) it must  include an APA Style cover page (see the APA Style cover page example), 2) an  introduction (you should explain why you chose to interview this specific person  from this specific culture and what you expect to discover about the other persons culture), 3) a Main Body (include actual responses of the interviewee: can be a list of the  questions and responses or a summary of responses{if you use a summery of responses make sure responses to 15 questions can be determined/distinguished}), and 4) a Conclusion (describe  how the culture of the person interviewed is the same and/or  different from your culture).

Last interview (which I attached) this was the feedback I got from the instructor: In your introduction, identify the culture of your interviewee and provide more detail on what you wanted to learn about his culture from this interview. Of the 15 questions required for your interview, at least 3 questions should be originally developed. Your conclusion would have benefited from also including a summary of what you wanted to learn about her culture (as stated in the introduction) to compare to what you actually learned. Otherwise, good job.