Cultural Food Presentation

Purpose: This assignment meets the following course learning objectives (CLOs #1, 2, 3, 4, & 5)

Explain how societal and personal economics affect food intake and nutritional adequacy of diets.
Identify and discuss common foods and meal composition of various cultural/ethnic groups.
Explain how food and eating habits influence the health of the community.
Discuss the impact, practice, and facilitation of pleasurable eating in a variety of cultural/ethnic groups.
Identify and discuss factors affecting food and nutrition on various cultural groups.

Directions: Download the . Make sure your assignment has all the requested components. Submit your assignment to this page. Reference in APA format all information obtained from a source (including your textbook, lectures, websites, etc.)

Rubric: This assignment is worth a total of 100 points. The scoring for this assignment will be as follows:

Content (description of nation/culture, food guidance system, health status, common and prominent foods, preparation techniques, holiday observances, religion, food taboos, food etiquette, medicinal uses of food; must go beyond basic information provided in book/lecture) 60 points
Creativity (creative presentation such as PowerPoint, short video, Prezi, song, etc.) 20 points
Clarity (information presented in clear/concise manner; grammatically correct, no typos) 10 points
References (minimum of 4 peer-reviewed or scientific references cited properly in APA format) 10 points