current event analysis assignment

This assignment consists of reading and analyzing an article pertaining to a white-collar crime case.  The article must be a recently published article from a newspaper or magazine.  Articles dating back to 2019 will not be accepted.
In your own words, summarize the content of the article. Take a position on the issue contained in the article. Is this a societal cause or institutional cause?  How does this event affect you? What is the social and economic impact? What laws, regulations, or sanctions surround this case?  Provide a white-collar crime control deterrence for this case.
Write your paper in paragraph form using good sentence structure with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If you need to use a short quote, cite properly. Your opinion should be thought out using the present information and your personal views.
You are to include the following criteria in your assignment:

Title of the article
Using the APA style of citation, where did you get the article?  In addition to your article sources, you may add other sources.