death education on grief for adolescent and children

The purpose of thisassignment is to conduct a review of the professional literature (peer-reviewjournal articles) and describe efforts to teach and counsel children andadolescents about grief.write a report on this topic based on a reviewof at least 5 peer-review journal articles.Your paper should be 5-7 pages long (excludingcover page and bibliography). Please choose your words carefully andthoughtfully and consider each paper as an opportunity to improve your writingskills.
Include the following information in your report:1) A summary of what you learned from this research2) How can you use this information as a future health educator(or other type of service professional)?3) How does what you learned from these articles relate to yourown experience or other outside reading/research that you have done?4) How does the information from these research studies relate tothe information in the “Last Dance” book?5) What questions or concerns do you have based on what youlearned from these studies?6) What were your own experiences with death education in schoolwhen you were growing up, what would you change and why?7) What are your recommendations for improving death education andbereavement services for children and adolescents?8) If you were instructed by the principal of your school todevelop a working group on improving death education in your school, how wouldyou go about forming this group, who would you include and why, what would beyour main goals, how would you measure these goals?9) Identify and describe one local and onenational organization involved in promoting death education among children andteens and how you could involve them in your school program.