Define the challenges and opportunities that exist for today’s healthcare leaders.

describe the opportunities and challenges as they relate to healthcare leaders. Additionally, you should include the types of leases: (Operating, Financial, and Combination) that might be considered for financial operations. Please remember to consider the opportunities and challenges for today’s healthcare leaders. This is meant to be a general introduction to your paper and does not need to be informed by a particular company. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Introduction A. What are the major forces affecting the delivery of healthcare today? Discuss these forces and their corresponding impacts on today’s healthcare environment. B. Impact of Forces: What healthcare service and delivery opportunities and challenges exist because of the forces discussed above? Define the challenges and opportunities that exist for today’s healthcare leaders. OPERATING LEASES often called service leases, include computers, copiers, medical diagnostic equipment, and trucks. • Operating leases often contain the right to cancel prior to the expiration date of the contract. • Cancellation of leases becomes necessary when equipment becomes obsolete or when technology advances. • Capital leases, often called FINANCIAL LEASES, can include x-ray machines and other types of equipment. Unlike operating leases, financial leases are typically not cancellable. • Capital leases are set up for the economic life of the asset. • COMBINATION LEASES have become increasingly popular because they offer a wide variety of term options for managers. • Combination leases typically apply to situations where features of both operating and financial leases are needed for the lease option. • In some cases, a healthcare manager may determine that leasing an asset is a better option than buying. • Dollar cost analysis and percentage cost analysis assist managers with decision-making.