Defining Behavioral Neuroscience Essay Questions

Keeping this in mind, please respond to the two short essay questions by relying on academic concepts rather than personal knowledge. Personal opinions or perspectives may be appreciated insofar as they provide real-world examples. Here are the guidelines for these essays:

The answers should be substantive and developed, and no less than half a page in length. In all answers, the concepts used should be clearly defined and examples should be provided.
The use of a minimum of four (4) scholarly references is mandatory. Answers exclusively based on personal opinions will be considered unacceptable for grading and assigned a zero. It is mandatory to use the textbook as a scholarly reference and highly recommended to use at the very least one of the weekly articles or chapters.
All citations and the reference list must follow APA style guidelines.
References to the videos posted on the learning materials files, references to films, websites are all welcome as long as you understand that they do not count as scholarly references.

Short Essay Question #1:
Imagine that you need to explain in some paragraphs why the question of Nature vs. Nurture is an unsolvable one. After explaining the reasons why Nature vs. Nurture should be considered as Nature and Nurture, give three clear examples of how Nature and Nurture or heredity and behavior shape human behavior.
Short Essay Question #2:
Explain how genes can influence human behavior. Give some clear examples of genetic influences in behavior and explain what aspects in human behavior depend on the nature of genetic markers.

In respect of the code of ethics in psychology: 

You are expected to defend exclusively perspectives that are evidence-based. This means that academic references (textbook, weekly readings) need to be cited in your initial post in order to support your claims.

If you decide to give real-world examples based on your own experiences or observations,  please make sure that the identity of the individuals mentioned in your examples is kept anonymous. This rule has to be applied even if the individual in question is you. 

Psychology is a science passionately committed to the respect of human rights. For this reason, respecting differences at a collective and individual level is an ethical obligation. Any prejudicial comment on a minority would be judged as a personal opinion and a violation of the code of ethics.

Nota Bene: Ignoring any of these ethical basic rules results in an assignment that may not receive credit.