delinquency policy with medical records

Part II: Review the current policy for your
organization on procedures for tracking and completing medical record
deficiencies (attached).  Based on research,
lectures and assigned readings, explain what should be added to the policy for
increased compliance by physicians. This should also contain information on distinction
between an incomplete/deficient record and a delinquent record, the effect
delinquent records can have on the quality of patient care and the financial
impact of delinquencies for the facility and any trends that can be seen in the
illustration of the monthly delinquency rates. 


You must compile your findings in a report that must
be 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced and typed in Times New Roman, size 12
font, using an APA formatted reference page to list any sources used for this
assignment.The completed table of delinquencies must be included with your
report as an additional page.