Democratic politics is weakened by the strong support that Western countries provide to developing countries military institutions under the guise of the so-called War on Terrorism and/or Counterdrug War.


I. The research paper must include:

1. Title page
2. Abstract
3. Table of Contents
4. Introduction (including research questions)
5. Evidence
6. Argument/discussion/development of the research question
7. Conclusions (weigh evidence, argument, summary)
8. List of bibliographical references (only sources cited in the text of the paper)
9. Future tense used in the Outline changes to past or present tense in the final version

II. Formatting of paper:

1. Typed, double-space, wide margins.
2. Title page on separate page.
3. Abstract on separate page
4. Page numbers located on top, right corner
5. Follow the APA style for listing of sources (author, date in the text), with full bibliographical citation in the Reference section.

III. Leave enough time for you to proofread the paper thoroughly.

VI. Pagination

1. Preliminary pages (title page, abstract page, table of contents page) are numbered on small roman numerals, centred at the bottom margin of the page.

2. The title page is assigned a number (I) that is not placed on the page.

3. Main body of the research paper, from page 1 onwards, through list of references and appendixes, is numbered with Arabic numerals in the upper right margin.

4. Pagination should be placed within the standard margins.

5. Do not use page headers or running heads.

6. The typeface and size of page numbers should be the same as the text type (New Times Roman 12).

7. Page numbers should be placed at least two lines spaces above the first line of type (for main body), and at least two-line spaces below the last line of type (for preliminary pages).

VII. Indentation

1. The first line of each paragraph must have a consistent indentation of 5-7 spaces.

2. Use the same indentation for subheadings in the Table of Contents, for block quotations, for the first line of numbered seriation, and for the second and subsequent lines in reference-list entries.

3. Evaluation of research paper (how the paper will be graded)

1. Quality of the formulation of the question(s) being addressed
2. Overall organization
3. Use and quality of sources
4. Depth and scope of research
5. Interpretation of evidence/argument
6. Quality of writing
7. Conclusion (how does it relate to the main question)