Describe an array of possible alternatives.

Students will be assigned articles( attached ) from refereed journals and will analyze with a buddy. The students will present their brief analysis of the case in-class and will lead a seminar discussion. Only Presentation File need to be submitted Scores are based upon: 1) Depth of comprehension / analysis. 2) Quality and clarity of writing, and 3) Specific, action-oriented, internally consistent recommendations. Suggestions on good case assignments for this class:  Do not regurgitate the facts of the case. Assume that I am well familiar with the case. Your paper should be analysis and recommendations. Include only such facts as are necessary to support your analysis.  Describe an array of possible alternatives. Offer your recommendation as the best alternative, and show why your solution is superior.  The focus of your case analysis is what should be done next. The best analyses generally make bold, creative recommendations. Provide support for your recommendations, using clear logic and persuasion. Avoid simplistic generalizations such as “The company should do research on the issue.”  Acknowledge weaknesses/risks of your strategy, and describe how these risks can be minimized, or why your recommendation should be followed despite its weaknesses.  Approach the case from the time that it was written, with only the information that was available at that time.