Describe the Media.

Child Psychology Final Project For this project, you will be choosing a media source-movie, TV/YouTube series, book, etc. that features a child between ages 3-10 as one of the main characters and comparing what you observe in that child’s development to 3 separate child development theories studied in this course. Part I – Describe the Media In this section, you will write your introduction paragraph explaining the purpose/thesis of the paper. You will then write a detailed summary of the series you chose to review and use for this project. Make sure the source you choose adequately demonstrates several aspects of child development. Part II – Write your analysis of the child’s development and compare it to 3 separate theories of child development As you prepare to write your paper try to identify the child’s functioning as it compares to normative information found in the text (e.g., Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, standard physical characteristics such as height and weight categories, Brown’s stages of language development, Kohlberg’s moral development stages, etc.)