Describe the types of ethical misconduct you have personally observed?

Questions From your readings of the Observed Misconduct and Retaliation document and considering an organization you are familiar with describe the types of ethical misconduct you have personally observed? Every organization has room to improve its ethical practices. Borrowing from the example of Lockheed Martin and other readings, provide some recommendations for addressing the ethical issues and promote an ethical culture in your organization. Provide justifications for your recommendations. Please Note: Sharing your experiences on this topic can richly enrich the learning experience for all. However, I urge you carefully consider the information you choose to disclose. Please be mindful of sharing confidential or proprietary information. You do not have to share information that can identify companies or individuals within those companies. Use aliases instead of real names and other such devices to maintain privacy. Please cite a minimum of two sources. Use recent sources/citations/references – no more than 5-6 years old. You can cite/reference the class textbook