Design a Developmentally Appropriate Toy

 Design a Developmentally Appropriate Toy (written project or video presentation)
This chapter discusses the typical motor milestones for arm movement, grasping, and locomotion. Please familiarize yourself with the different milestones and ages at which they occur, identify one that you find interesting, and design a baby toy that is appropriate for that age range.
For example, six-month-olds can transfer objects back and forth between their hands, so a large, patterned object would be an appropriate toy for infants of this age.
You can present your toy design as either as a written, illustrated magazine advertisement or as a skit designed to be a TV commercial.
When designing your toy and writing your or presenting your ad, please focus on the following:

Why the toy is developmentally appropriate for your specific age group and milestone.
How your toy would be appealing to both parents and children.