design and complete an action involvement project on Birth control access in high schools

 Length: 5 pages
Follow these guidelines for your project paper:
Background Information:

Provide an overview of your topic and its literature. This is a condensed version of your literature review.
This should not be a very lengthy section, about two pages.

Project Introduction:

Provide an overview of your project. Include your reason for your topic selection, your project’s goals, or questions to investigate, and any determined standards for the project’s success.

Project Explanation

Describe your project’s design.
Describe your methodology to complete the project. For example, if you designed a survey project, answer the questions: How did you do it? Who were your subjects? What informed your questions? How did you distribute your survey? etc.

Project Summary

Provide a summary of your project’s results or outcomes.
Provide an analysis of your project’s data.
Describe your reactions to the project. For example, did it produce the results you expected? How do your project outcomes and your reactions compare to the topic’s background information? And, what does this mean? What conclusions can you draw for its results?


Provide copies of all your project documents, including any survey instruments, advertisements, collected data, etc.


Your project should include cited sources.
Your citations and the reference list should follow the APA 6th edition style and formatting.


Your work will be evaluated using the Project B rubric. You will receive feedback from the course instructor. The course will also keep a copy of your project.