Development of a B2B Marketing Plan (50%)

Only do this part,This is a group assignment and I will upload the completed section for your reference as well as also have the template file for reference.7. Implementation plans (30%)How will you implement your strategy using a Business Marketing Mix? To do this, please use a Balanced Score Card(BSC) approach to show your recommended changes to tactics and the associated changes to the organisation. (2pages). When describing your changes, please refer to the models used in your analysis.The BSC approach requires you to:a. Draw the BSC strategy map that shows the changes to your client’s tactics and organisation. How does your strategycascade down the organisation?b. Develop a BSC table to detail the lower-level objectives, tactics and organisation changes. Here you also need todescribe how objectives will be measured and what targets need to be achieved.Please include your recommended changes to your client’s:• Value Proposition• Kanter’s Competitiveness Elements• Network• Product and/or Service offering• Communications approach• Supply Chain management• Distribution Channel management• Personal Sales Management approach• CRM Approach• Pricing offeringWhen describing your changes, please refer to the models used in your analysis.Note here that we are asking you to detail changes to the business marketing mix components and to the organisation.You have already described their marketing mix in the analysis section, so here we want to know the adjustments yourecommend.‘Refer to the models used in your analysis’ means to use the key terms from the model in your notes throughout the BSC.List your recommendations for evaluating performance. This can be done in the strategy map or in the “BSC table” that‘sits behind your strategy map’You can insert your strategy map as an imageProject ManagementIn your implementation plans, please include:– The proposed timeline showing the priority and order of actions (Gantt Chart).– A detailed financial budget.