Discuss how does your nation fits into the rest of the world.

you will be talking about south africa. Draft a 400 word response to the following questions. This assignment will really help you in putting together your final report, particularly the introduction and conclusion sections. Add a word count and use references. In order to best understand how your country fits in with other countries and how to determine what it has to offer others and what it needs, I recommend doing some quick research on the demographics of other countries on the list. This will allow you to see the big picture of your nation.
1) First given a brief overview of the country (social, economic, environmental). Is your country underdeveloped, developing, or developed? Are you an up and coming country (technology, workforce, resources, etc,) ? Are you a failing country that needs international support ASAP? Are you a superpower that continuously helps other nations?
2) Discuss how does your nation fits into the rest of the world. What resources does it need? What are its weak points? What can it offer other countries? What are its strengths?
3) What are the latest major happenings in your country (check news articles for this part)? Here you should describe the current situation in your country and current events that are shaping it, with regarding to the rest of the world. For instance, don’t mention a local flood that made the news, but rather discuss big events like changing of governmental leaders, new environmental protection laws, major trade deals that will boast the economy, new health care measures that may potentially save lives, etc. Avoid COVID-19 conversations if possible, all countries are dealing with this and therefore it is not unique to your country.
Be sure to meet the 400 word minimum and use several citations in MLA format throughout (both in-text and in a reference section). If you do a good job with this, you will be able to use most of it in your final report, relieving some stress towards the end of the semester, as parts of your final report will already be done.