Discuss Systems and Control Engineering / Adaptive control .

The layout and approach: 1. Designing a 10kW PV system 2. Designing 6kW PMSG based wind system 3. Designing Sliding mode control for MPPT of wind 4. implement optimization algorithm for PV MPPT 5. Integrate PV, Wind, and battery to make 3 phase stand-alone system with an inverter 6. implement optimal control on DC-Side 7. Design a D-Q-based inverter controller to maintain power quality at load bus. Require Review Paper or Research Paper:- Research Paper Your Base/Reference Paper:- NA Do you have Data:- NA Have you done Analysis or require from our end:- You will prepare the Matlab Simulink Model Its Primary Data or Secondary Data:- Both Link of the Target Journal:- IEEE, Elsevier, or Springer. Your Deadline for the work:- 1/9/2022 I would like to ask for the services price of the paper preparation including writing and editing if required and build the Matlab Simulink model only without implementation in the lab of the control system related to the Wind, PV-based Stand-Alone systems, or grid-connected. The Matlab Simulink model is also included in the package.