Discuss the similarities and differences in your belief system.

1) Have you ever felt that modern society had steered you away from your religious beliefs (i.e., accepting same-sex marriages, abortion, etc.). 2) Do your religious beliefs stop you from befriending someone with completely different religious beliefs? (i.e., a protestant befriending an atheist or Muslim) 3) Were your religious beliefs passed taught to you as a child, or did you form your own religious beliefs? After your interview, summarize the discussion. Discuss the similarities and differences in your belief system. Did any of the interview responses surprise or shock you? Provide an explanation detailing the reason you selected your interview participant. 1) God, Jesus, Holy Spirit 2) I highly respect Judaism but don’t find that same respect back because they disagree with our beliefs regarding Jesus. I find worshiping on Saturday, and the true Sabbath would be amazing because that is the day set for worship by God; unfortunately, the Catholics changed the day to Sunday before the Protestant movement, and we kept that tradition. 3) How many are based on love? 4) it challenges me to be a better person, to care about others over myself, and to help others. 5) When religion has too many rules, religious practices over believe and faith 6) they live a life that reflects what they believe, not just the words they speak. 7) You forget the whole point of why you believe what you believe and don’t have a daily walk in that belief system additional three questions: 1) no, I don’t believe modern society has influenced my religious beliefs 2) My religious beliefs don’t prevent me from friending people from different beliefs. I respect everyone and their point of view, even if they are other than my own. 3) My religious beliefs were passed down from family. Compare his thoughts on the 7th day Adventist (both belief (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, I go to church on Sat.