Discuss the social, cultural, biological, economic, etc. stakes of your argument and reasoning why does it matter?

Instructions: This first essay asks you to consider The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and produce a close reading. You will analyze a detail (a short passage or several related short passages) of the story and argue for how the detail develops the storys meaning or significance. Close reading is a skill that begins with a sensitivity to the words of the text and all their denotative and connotative values and implications (Guerin A Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature). Denotation refers to what something is (definition) and connotation refers to what something means beyond its strict definition. While symbolism is an easy way to think about denotation and connotation (Apple fruit, sin), you are not required to write about a symbol from one of the stories, although you may. You could, however, think about the way a story is structured or patterns in a characters behavior. Because this assignment is focused on your own skills of analysis, no secondary source should be used.
Potential pitfalls to avoid:
Mistaking summary for analysis
Clichd or obvious readings of details
Organization by example rather than by sub claims usually due to a simplistic thesis
While this is definitely not a five-paragraph formulaic essay, you may follow this general framework: The first paragraph introduces the text and your focus. This paragraph should conclude with a clear thesis that argues a point (example: In Hemingways The Sun Also Rises, silence serves the important function of X). Body paragraphs should begin with topic sentences that argue a part of the thesis. These paragraphs should prove their claims by quoting the text and then analyzing the quotes to explain how they function as support. Each body paragraph should end with a concluding sentence that explains how it relates to the thesis. The essay should conclude with a final paragraph that explains: 1) how the body arguments come together to prove the thesis; and 2) the significance of the claims made in the essay.
Keep in mind you are writing an essay that is analytical and persuasive; you need to take a position and argue a point of view, not merely summarize the text without offering evidence to support your own argument (an original position/opinion) about its meaning or significance. Evidence comes from the text itself. Please remember that grammatical, coherent, logical writing is the minimum requirement for a passing grade; points will be deducted from essays that are incoherent and make significant numbers of grammatical errors.