Discussion Assignment 2 – Removal of the Civil War Statues

Students will write submit a response either in support of or against one of the following assigned topics, Removal of the Civil War Statues from cities in the South or The Return of the Elgin Statues, for this discussion.  You will be automatically enrolled into a Group Discussion group.
Initial posts should include reasons for the student’s position along with several supporting facts and sources for the information. In the initial threads, also describe the artwork (either the elgin statues or a specific civil war statue as your topic dictates) in formal terms. In defending your position consider the current context (location) of the statue and the content (original meaning) and how those choices might influence your position.

How does the relocation or removal of the works alter the content, or does it?
Discuss these works in terms of site specific and installation artworks.
How might they be similar in the broader context of sculpture.
At least one response post should be made on a thread with opposing views.
Response posts should also include supporting facts addressing specific points made by your peers.
Be sure and include citation for all facts and supporting details