Discussion Assignment

In the broadest terms, cultural appropriation is when one culture borrows from another culture. In this assignment we will specifically look at the change in context and residual impact of culture appropriation. Students should submit in their initial threads images of an example of cultural appropriation. Explain how the context of the object or culture referenced might be affected.

If your image includes an actual object, are the materials significant to the original culture and does that significance translate in its new context?
If your image is relevant to the discussion as a symbol, describe how the iconography qualifies as cultural appropriation.
Compare and contrast the content or meaning as you discuss the original culture and the transition to appropriation.
What might be some residual effects of cultural appropriation?


Your original post answers should appear in paragraph format with a minimum of 500 words.
Don’t forget to respond to at least 2 peers.

At least one of your classmate responses should be to the opposite position. Supply supporting details that support your counter argument or refute their ideas.
In at least one post include an example of a similar situation of an artist that supports your argument (again, please include citation).