Discussion Board Post: Observation, Example, and Paraphrase

Please read the following essays attached to this message:
The Case for Black Joy by Hadiya Roderique
“Disobedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem” by Erich Fromm.

After reading both essays, make an observation, provide an example, then paraphrase the example by stating what it means, then state a thought about the observation. Use the following format, not a paragraph structure:


Here’s an example of what my professor is looking for:
Observation: I observed in Oliver Burkemans Happiness is a glass half empty that the author points out the paradox of the suffering that we go through in certain situations.

Example: For example, he writes: Most of us, the Stoics point out, go through life under the delusion that it is certain people, situations or events that make us sad, anxious or angry. When youre irritated by a colleague at the next desk who wont stop talking, you naturally assume that the colleague is the source of the irritation; when you hear that a beloved relative is ill and feel pained for them, it makes sense to think of the illness as the source of the pain(4).

Paraphrasing: The author argues that humans displace responsibility of feelings on the source of discomfort.

Thought: Emotions, positive or negative, can accompany us in daily life as a headache, the winter cold or the news in the newspapers do. Since the world is full of sources that we can displace responsibility of discomfort on, humans have to find a way to recognize their own responsibility in feeling pain and the gifts in which pain can give in order to feel in control, apply meaning to life and grow. 

Please do this for BOTH of the readings. Your post should be well thought out, written in complete sentences, and in good grammatical standing.