Discussion Forum: Human Trafficking

To Prepare for this Discussion: Read and Watch all of the Learning Resources in the learn page.
Provide a reflection of your opinion on the impact of Human Trafficking and the legislation designed to 
prevent it.  What impact will it have on current and future generations? Be sure to include the answers
 listed questions below in your response. 

What are the underlying causes of Human Trafficking? 
What are the long term effects of human trafficking on the victims?
What methods are currently being used to address human trafficking?  What are their benefits          and  drawbacks?
Provide at least one potential solution to continue to address the effects of human trafficking. What are the benefits and drawbacks of that solution?


Minimum of 300-500 words
Minimum of 2 resources (including your textbook)
Proper APA format of in-text citations and references
Use correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and paragraph structure
Double spaced