discussion post

This week, we will continue working on criticizing arguments, and begin working on replying to criticism. Outline one attempted response to the problem of suffering for theism. Then say to what extent you think it succeeds. In your response to others, you can add further objections/replies on that specific attempt to respond to the problem of suffering. 

You need to know more ‘reasoning moves.’ Here is a list to help you. As you respond, name the reasoning move you are making. You can say “I am putting forth a hypothesis and providing a reason for it.” The first four are ones we will be spending a lot of time on in this course. Here is my list:

 -Offer a hypothesis (a possible answer to the question.).
-Provide a reason/argument (you can even put it in standard form!).
-Offer an objection/criticism (not used nearly enough, but the bread and butter response in philosophy!).
-Offer a reply (let’s get some solid back-and-forth discussion going!).